Extended operating voltage range

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  1. In the GC864 hardware user guide you can read:



    Nominal Supply Voltage

    3.80 V

    Normal operating Voltage Range

    3.40 V – 4.20 V

    Extended operating Voltage Range

    3.22 V – 4.50 V


    How can I see from outsite if the module support extended voltage range or not?

    1. What exactly GC864 variant?


      Max: 4.2V
      Voltage range: 3.4 – 4.2V
      Max Voltage: 4.5V
      Voltage range: 3.22 – 4.5V


      The extended
      voltage  range (3.22 – 4.5V) represents the maximum and minimum voltages
      can be applied to the module without damaging it or causing a shut
      down. The hw user guide indicates as Normal Operating range the limits
      used for Type Approval  (3.4 – 4.2V ) 

      The extended voltage range can be used only with a very stable power
      supply taking care of every recommendation and suggestion present in our
      HW User guide.


      –          Below 3.4V:  TX output power is decreased, about 2-3dB below
      Type Approval requirements, to limit current consumption and prevent
      shutdown for low voltage level;

      –          Above 4.2V:  MTBF declared is degraded due to higher heat
      generation, considering maximum consumption condition (max power level,
      gprs max uplink bandwidth, worst antenna SWR 3:1 mismatch).
      –          All component inside modem are rated in normal operative
      conditions inside 3.25-4.5V range.