Exiting Script Execution

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  1. Hello,


    I am running a GMS864Q with python engine, using modified sample scripts, we are establishing data connections and succeessfully sending from device, and recieving info to a server port.


    The problem comes when we need to stop the scripts and modify and upload a new script version. We need to remove power from the device in order to regain Command state.


    I have tried sending +++ and other commands through the serial connection from various terminal programs to the device, however no commands are recognized and the scripts continue to execute without pause.


    We would like to be able to utilize the reboot command rather then the shutdown or removing of power if possible.


    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Won’t MDM.send("AT#REBOOTr") help you?

    See also  "4.2. Run AT Interface and Python at the same time" in Easy Script in Python to keep AT interface available in parallel with the script (and 4.1.9 for reboot).


    Edit: sorry now I see you want to end the script from command mode not from the script itself – use the second suggestion. Also you might imagine a way to signal the script that it should stop, maybe with a GPIO, command on SER, SMS or call or whatever you think appropriate.


    1. Cosmin,


      Thank you very much for your promp responce. You have given me a great point in the correct direction, I will be thoroughly investigating and exploring your suggestions,