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      1. Please re-write!

        I am trying to execute a python script on Telit module using AT commands in teraterm software(port 14 baud 115200) using following procedure:
        1) set the script to active mode by using at#escript=xyz.py
        2) set the mode by using at#startmodescr=2,10
        3) execute the script using at#execscr
        On executing the script I am getting OK prompt but I am not able to see output of the script.(I have added few print lines in a script).
        Is the procedure for executing the script correct? Do I need to use any other command to execute it successfully?

          1. Hi Cosmin – we are expecting to see the output on the command line but we do not. Is that what we should expect? Also I do not think we have debug method at all. Any suggestions?


            Is your script  executing with no problems?



          2. No, you won’t see Python debug in ASC0 command line serial port. Please read chapter 4.3 Debug Python Script in Easy Script in Python document to learn about available debugging means and procedures.


  1. Does anybody have configuration commands to make HE910 module operational? I have an active SIM card but the module does not want to connect to the network.  I think it is to do with configuration and not hardware.


    Does anybody have HE910 module working and connected to the network?



    1. Well … what have you investigated so far? SIM checks, bands, networks presence and signals?


      1. All of the ones you mentioned.


        1) checked SIM in another module/phone

        2) gave it autoband command

        3) network is present

        4) singal is strong 


        I just went through the whole list of commands in the manual of 600 pages and checked if my module is configured. Right after that it connected to the network for the first time. I need to check today if it will do it again. 


        Which module are you working with?



  2. Hello – can somebody give me an example of a Python script, which they run sucessfully on their module, and it executes more than one command. Our script does not run after the first commant. Thanks.



    1. Hi Suzana,


      looks like you have been left alone, so let me try to comment. Have you seen this collection: "Telit_Python_Examples_r4.zip"? It is not freely distributed, for some reason, but you can ask it from Telit Support. It contains a number of useful and pretty well documented scripts.


      Recalling my initial problems with Telit Python, most of it was about downloading and starting the execution of a script. After asking from Support, I got some useful hints written like a manuscript. For some reason, these helpful comments were never written into the "Telit_Easy_Script_Python" manual. Beware of the pitfalls of HyperTerminal as well, in case you use it as a terminal program to talk to the Telit module.


      If you have a piece of hw with some Telit module and a LED, the easiest script to test could be something that starts to blink the LED. Alternatively, a "Hello world" script for the serial port is something worth trying. When you have basic things working, you can gradually add functionality.


      Br, Tom




      1. Maybe Suzana would want to show their small script and concisely explain what are they doing with it?