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  1. Hi .

    I’m short test Python script  and have easy question.

    I’m set gsm module GE-865-Quad with this command first AT#STARTMODESCR=2

    now can use python script and uart. work good . then write an compile small

    script :


    res = MDM.send(‘ATD+421903260002;r’,0)


    only this . on serial port I define this script as active and if gsm module is registered and can call then send command AT#EXECSCR


    and after this command script end and stop and I can call this command #EXECSCR again and again script run and call to define d number or what???




    1. Please don’t hurry, is not that trivial to write Python code. Take a good read in Easy Script in Python, put a debug system in place -this is mandatory if you don’t want to work blindly, test some simple examples in PC mode, then in module with debugger.


      If that is the only line in your script, is not enough. Check imports.


      Please read and test! There is no sense to reinvent the wheel in the forum.



  2. of course I use import module.

    test it. and work.

    if run this script then start call to defined number and I cancel call on my cell phone , after this I run this script again and and again  call to defined number.

    work .


    but problem is . if I set AT#STARTMODESCR=2 then if want run any script from memory then I must this script set as active , and then I can run this script .

    and if switch off gsm module and turn on then after start time active script is  automatic run. 

    is solution to solve this but ,  I don’t know if is it good way, define non exist script and after module run then do not execute. and if want call any script then set as active what I want and execute him. and on script will be code after finish define self as active script non exist name.
    in what memory are saved name as active script. all script are saved to flash , and some setting are saved too to flash or some small eeprom??? fram???


    how  I can communicate with internal script  if gsm module is defined in #STARTMODESCR=2 mode.  



    PS: I still have problem with +VTS command , tomorrow I try it with external script .


    1. ehm Cosmin.

      I’m develop application for any comp. using SIMCOM gsm module and all work (what I want) but in last year SIMCOM module freeze and only switch off help.

      and then we search new gsm module and select telit. 

      we rent EVK2 from rutronik and start write application using python.

      I create all application on python (I2C LCD, input … .) but have problem with upload script to gsm module, on debugger application work but in  real time don’t work … .stop it and work with external MCU.

      but now must start with it .


      also I’m all forget what I’m learn and will need some help to start.



    2. #ESCRIPT value is stored in NVM.

      For inter-communications I already suggested file pipe.

      1. sorry but I don’t know what do you mean file pipe.

        write more what do you mean.

         if flash page can write up to 10.000x then if  run script 10x per day then I can use  it 1000 day (3 year) . other solution don’t using internal flash.



  3. I wrote in one of your threads, use a file content for messaging.  It was an idea, feel free to innovate if you don’t like it … messaging through a network server, email, SMS storage, phonebook entry … think!


  4. hmmm , there is some solution for automatic, if script detect so some call incoming then wait if is call accepted and then send DTMF tone . and stop it, and if detect so module call then wait if call is in progress and then open file with PCM and send to gsm. but it’s mean so script must run on background all time.


    are some variable in GSM module what I can set  (change ) and are not saved to MNV???

    then script control only this variable.


    and some very important question.
    if script send PCM audio to gsm #SPCM then in parser one (for MDM python script) decode DTMF tone are disabled , but on third parser  instance work or too will be disabled???




    PS: I’m forgot all at parser instance have own setting … hmm…