EVK2 w/GE864-GPS, connection problem

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  1. Hello all,

    I have purchased an EVK2+GE864GPS evaluation kit. My current problem is that I am unable to communicate via RS232 with the GE864-GPS modem.

    Here is a brief synopsis of the events:
    I was initially able to communicate with the GE864-GPS device via the upper PROG/DATA serial port. This period of being able to communicate with the modem lasted about 3-4 hours, until I powered off the EVK2 board (i.e. removed the +12V power supply from the 5-40V socket). Upon repowering on the EVK2 board I could no longer communicate with the modem. My means of communication with the modem were via the LinkMaxx sw tool that came with the SDK and via the rsterm terminal sw (both terminal windows worked fine) via the COM1 serial port. During those few hours of operations, I was able to send AT commands to the device and receive correct responses and also upload and enable a python script.

    Are there any possible ways to disable the ASC0 serial port, or make it not respond anymore that could be acheived via AT commands or python code?
    Also, it there a method to do a factory reset without passing through serial communication ?
    Can the GE864GPS be progrmmed via the ASC1 auxillary port ? In other words by not passing via the ASC0 prog/data uart. I ask this question because the EVK2 box came with a usb cable implying that device programming should be possible via usb. However, looking at the EVK2 user guide section:”GE864-GPS interface board”, the usb B-type port on the EVK2 can bot be configurred (via jumoers) to communicate with the ASC0 prog/data uart on the GE864-GPS. It can only be configured to communicate with the ASC1 auxillary port.  
    Is it possible that the problem be CMUX related? I do not yet comprehend the entirety of the CMUX module but I can see from the AT commands reference guide that the CMUX interface can be enabled at startup, before current script execution.

    BTW, the uploaded and enabled python code was simply sending an sms -it was not doing anything more complex. However, upon power-on of the EVK2 board the python is not executed since I do not receive an SMS on my cell phone, as if something is blocking script execution. I loaded the *.pyo script with the PythonWin tool and enabled it with AT#ESCRIPT=““ command. I also verified that the script was in fact present in the NVM with the AT#LSCRIPT at command.
    Also BTW, I initially installed the CDM 2.08.24 WHQL Certified usb drivers but I could not succeed in communicating via USB with the GE864GPS modem.

    Any help will be appreciated in resolving my PC to ge864gps modem communication issues.