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  1. Good morning,


    just a question about the reaction time from Event monitor.

    We would like to use GPIO4 for event monitoring. What is the minimum time

    from the signal (2,8V) must be presented on GPIO4 to activate the event monitor?

    1. Hi Michael, this is set in AT#EVMONI command, time is set between 0 to 255 seconds. Now if you are looking at "how much zero is the zero", in milliseconds, tens or hundreds of milliseconds, this can vary depending of module actual activity.


      if  <paramType>  =  3,  <param>  indicates  the  time  interval  in
      seconds  after  that  the  selected  GPIO  pin  in  the  status
      specified with <paramType> = 1 causes the event. The range
      is 0 – 255. (Default: 0)