Error while reading RTC from GSM

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  1. Hello Everyone,

    I am using GL865-Dual modem. When I power on my device, after 30 seconds, i read RTC from GSM using “AT+CCLK?” at command.

    In response, it gives me incorrect date & time, i.e. 0/0/1,00:01:25:+22

    I have checked my network strength using command “AT+CSQ”

    and it was giving me good strength i.e. “+csq : 31” (sometimes “+csq: 25”)

    I am using Airtel (India) SIM card into my device.

    Guide me through this problem.

    Any help would be appreciable.

    1. Check AT#NITZ which deals with automatic date/time update, if the service is enabled. Then the network should provide the service, not all of them are doing this.

      1. Hi Cosmin,

        Thank you for the reply.

        I checked AT#NITZ? and it’s giving me #NITZ: 7,0

        The same ‘SIM card & Telit modem’ unable to read date & time in one location, but it reads date & time in other client location.

        If I put same SIM card in differen mobile phones, then sometimes it reads date&time but some time it fails to read it…

        What could be the problem?

        1. Romano writes:


          I suppose it is only a network issue. 

          on internet I read following note:


          Because the NITZ delivery is not usually periodic but dependent on the handset crossing radio network boundaries, these handsets can be displaying incorrect time for many hours or even days before a NITZ update arrives and corrects them