Error after AT#FTPPUT

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  1. Hello.


    I like to upload a file via FTPPUT, staying in command mode.

    All I see is Error 4  is returned


    +CME ERROR: 4

    I have attached a complete log of what I’m doing, including initialisation, modem and firmware version.

    What am I doing wrong? Please point me in the right direction, thank you.


    Kind Regards, Olivier

    1. Are other commands that use the data port working? AT#FTPLIST for example? What is AT#FTPMSG responding?


      1. Are other commands that use the data port working? AT#FTPLIST for example? What is AT#FTPMSG responding?


        Thanks for the quick reply Cosmin Buhu.


        AT#FTPRECV and AT#FTPGETPKT work perfectly as you can see in the log file I attached.


        AT#FTPFSIZE  and  AT#FTPDELE (not in the log file) also work and do not use the data port.

        Will try AT#FTPMSG and AT#FTPLIST


        If  "+CME ERROR: 4" means "operation not supported" is that not supported by the firmware or is it not supported in the present operational state?


        Kind Regards, Olivier

        1. Just tried out:


          +CME ERROR: 4
          +CME ERROR: 4

          Thanks, Olivier

          1. Thank you Cosmin Buhu.


            The modem is embedded and connected to a processor but we could break the connection and attach a PC to its serial connection.


            – Is there a download tool available for Linux or maybe for Windows XP.?

            – Are the TX and Rx lines enough for the FW update or do I need RTS/CTS as well ?

            – Can I do an OTA update? If yes how.

            – Is the FW update protocol publicly available?


            Kind Regards Olivier

          2. The procedure to update and details about the tool are in Telit Modules Software User Guide.

            XFP is working on Windows systems, including XP, uses only RX/TX serial lines; OTA is available  see Telit Premium FOTA Management,and the update protocol is available under a NDA.

            Link to XFP download sent to you.

  2. Hello Cosmin.


    I did update to the new firmware and things look much better. Thank you for that.


    There is still an issue with #FTPPUT and #FTPAPP I have to mention:

    A block of 0 length is not accepted: please observe the attached ‘telit_ftp_02_log.txt’ in this post.

    In tis case, I must close the file with #FTPAPPEXT=0,1 because i do not know beforehand if previous block was the last.

    The fact that  #FTPAPPEXT=0,1 is not accepted also means a files of size 0 can not be created. Sometimes (rarely I admit) this is necessary though.

    Is there a possibility that this can be fixed?


    Kind Regards, Olivier