Enhanced Network Selection takes too long to connect to network

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  1. Hello,


    We have  a product designed around the GE864-GPS that has been working fine in the UK for some time. We recently sent a few trial units to the USA and Canada and we initially ran into problems where the units would not register on the network and I discovered that by default, the units are configured to only scan for European bands. I modified the controlling firmware to always set #ENS to 1 on every power up, and the modules started working fine and have been working well since.


    With the aim of standardising the firmware for both the Americas and Europe, I’ve been experimenting with always settings #ENS = 1 on bootup for all firmwares. However, I’ve noticed a siginificant increase in the time it takes for the module to register on the network here in the UK (120s, compared to 10s) with ENS turned on. Once I turn it off and reboot, the module registers fine.


    I was wondering if there is any way around this? Is there a configuration that I can set that would allow the unit to automatically work in both the Americas and Europe, but at the same time allow quick connection to the network?


    The Telit firmware version is 10.00.115 





  2. Hello,

    generally if the module is switched on on a location with a network different from the net where was registered before, more time is necessary to register on, because the previous saved cell info are not more available.

    However I suggest to set at#autobnd=2, other than at#ens=1,  on the module as default configuration  (it remains saved in flash) and then check if a module coming from US needs the same time to register on UK net 

    1. Hi Luca,


      Sorry for my late response. Thanks for your suggestion – I’ll go with setting AT’#AUTOBND=2 instead of AT#ENS=1.