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  1. We are carrying out a feasibility study about the implementation of an energy harvesting system with Telit modules.We would need the following minimum / typical / maximum energy values (joules = watts x seconds = amperes x volts x seconds):
    – module power on
    – module registration after power-on
    – module periodical registration (occasionally during stand-by)
    – number of periodical registrations per day (occasionally during stand-by)
    – send a basic SMS message
    – send a minimal GPRS packet

    Any specific information is appreciated. Thanks in advance and kind regards.

    1. Normal consumption values are published in Hardware User Guides; for a more complete study you need to better define  the conditions, ie nominal voltage used, signal level, I think the network has also quite some influence. Please contact Telit technical support directly, will send email address privately.

      1. Hi,


        Good questions. I would also appreciate having such information, if available.


        Sure, network conditions have an effect here as well as voltage. But even nominal voltage values (3.8V), with "average" transmit power, would be helpful information. I guess these could be obtained in a proper lab setup, with a network simulator.


        Regards, Tom