Enable WAAS (SBAS) on GPS equipped modules (GM862-GPS)?

3 thoughts on “Enable WAAS (SBAS) on GPS equipped modules (GM862-GPS)?

  1. The spec sheet I have for my GM862-GPS modules says it supports WAAS and the specs for the Sirf chip also advertise WAAS capabilities. I also found some information and programs for configuring the Sirf chip but I’m not quite sure how to get the correct access to enable WAAS correction signals for the GPS module. The NMEA output strings indicate that they are not using any correction signals and so I would like to enable them. Does anyone have any ideas on how to do that?

      1. I tried the command AT$GPSPAR=9,1 and it seems to be tracking some sort of Differential correction. The NMEA strings don’t say what the station ID is but it does report a DGPS fix. Thanks for the link.