echo problem

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  1. I have noticed that occassionaly command echo is not working properly…. In my situation I periodicaly call AT+COPS? and usually the response is correct:


    +COPS: 4,2,"23101"




    but when I let the program run for couple of hours sometimes the command echo is missing and I only receive


    +COPS: 4,2,"23101"




    The implementation I have depends on the echo and since it is missing its causing a problem.


    Module FW is: 10.00.005


    Any idea what might be wrong? 



    Yesterday evening I also noticed missing echo on AT#SSLSEND which is far worse in my application. It happens usually once per couple of hours.

      1. Module is GE865, running against device with WindowsCE 6.0 R3, baudrate 38400 and no flow control.

        1. Hmmm, are you sure is not a buffer or read issue? Can you run a test with a PC application, preferably with hardware flow control?

          1. i will try do to more testing, altough with current HW it would be rather difficult… However if it was reading error I would expect that some part of the response would be corrupted, but only the echo part is completely missing.. so far nothing else