ECAM doesn’t give information about incoming call number

12 thoughts on “ECAM doesn’t give information about incoming call number

  1. Hi there!

    I dont get why  #ECAM give us useless information about outcoming call number, but it doesn’t give us necessary information about incoming call number?

  2. Thanks. I’ve already known about AT+CLCC.

    But I need to receive notifications about state of call asynchronously, without using AT+CLCC in cycle every  certain period of time. That’s why I’ve chosen #ECAM.

    And in current realization of  #ECAM when I receive URC with alerting status I can’t get the number of incoming call and must to execute AT+CLCC to get this information.

    The question is why in case of receiving #ECAM with alerting status it doesn’t provide information about incoming call number?

  3. Thanks for reply!

    Yes, I can  use AT+CLIP. But in this case I must use one more URC just for notification about incoming call. I’ll receive +CLIP after every RING, while I need just only one notification about incoming call. And also it makes a logic of our application a little bit  more complicated.

    It’s a significant drawback of #ECAM. Is this just oversight of developers or there are some weighty reasons why this functionality can’t be implemented?

    1. To ask for implementation changes or additions please contact Telit through your company direct contact.

  4. It will be grate if #ECAM have implementation with bext format:



    #ECAM: <ccid>,<ccstatus>,<calltype>,,,[<number>,<type>]

    <ccid> – call ID
    <ccstatus> – call status

    0 – idle
    1 – calling (MO)
    2 – connecting (MO)
    3 – active
    4 – hold
    5 – waiting (MT)
    6 – alerting (MT)
    7 – busy

    <calltype> – call type
    1 – voice
    2 – data

    <number> called number (for <ccstatus>=1) and caller number (for <ccstatus>=6)

    <type> – type of <number>

    129 – national number
    145 – international number 

  5. Wonderful!

    How and where could I subscribe to get notification about new firmvare version as soon as they released?