eCall AT#TESTNUM (GL865-quad)

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  1. Hi,


    I’m wondering why there is no documentation about the AT#TESTNUM-command in any AT-reference guide, even though it’s quite crucial for testing the eCall-functionality? The only mention of the command is in the solution for ecall application note, however it is neither well defined nor self-explanatory. We’ve basically had to guess the possible input for the command and hope for the best.


    How should one input a phone number in the international format to the command? using a + will cause an error and putting an 00 before the country code doesn’t seem to work either (doesn’t call the correct number with +cecall). Assume that in the following examples, the 123123123 is an actual, working GSM number.




    Does not work at all:


    +CME ERROR: invalid characters in text string




    Reports OK, but upon calling the receiving end does not ring. 




    Works fine   


    International format is not supported?  
    1. There is a note in that AN:


      1  Use characters “00” for phone international prefix; don’t use the character “+”. 


      Do you create and send the MSD file? And do you have access to the Telit PSAP service created to support customers testing IVS? If not you need to contact Telit to get you helped.