Easy GPRS – Responsiveness – RI pin

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  1. Hi All,


    In the 865 datasheet it says the RI pin can be configured to indicate a socket listen connect. Is there any way of configuring the RI pin to indicate the arrival of a packet for a socket that is a dialler? (i.e not a listener). Is this possible if the modem is NOT in sleep mode? 


    Otherwise if I want responsiveness to a packet arrival I need to poll very often in order to pick up the SRING?


    Suggestions please?




    1. Yes you need to keep the software reading the serial port, either to catch the SRING or to simply try to read with SRECV when you need.

      1. Thanks for the reply Cosmin.


        Can you confirm please that if I use powersave mode and PSMRI then I can always be "woken up" for the arrival of a packet? (See my other open issue on power save).


        My application will configure a Dialler socket then poll a server at intervals of, lets say, 10 minutes (exact interval yet to be decided). In the meantime however, the server can send an unsolicited packet to which the monitored unit needs to respond. 


        In our case we are sensitive to current draw for (standby) battery life reasons. Therefore the approach of staying permanently awake to poll for packets is very unappealing (maybe not possible with our  power budget in standby).


        I hope you undertand where I’m coming from.


        All the best again,




        1. Dear Ciaran,


          you can use the #PSMRI command to put the module in power saving and be waken up by RI indication when the module receives a packet.

          Incoming GPRS packets cause the module to exit temporary from power saving mode.