E-Mail issue with GL868-DUAL module

5 thoughts on “E-Mail issue with GL868-DUAL module

  1. Dear Sir,

    We are facing “connection failed” error during E-Mail sending process.

    Module – GL868-DUAL

    F/w – 10.01.181

    Error – “connection failed”

    Please find attached log for your reference.



    1. Is the email server reachable from your GSM side? Is another email server available&working? Do other network services work?

        1. This is not a server log.

          In addition to what I asked above, if you would mind to test & answer, try #EMAILMS.

          1. smtp.gmail.com requires SSL or TLS, see here.

            I don’t know about Rediff, I see you have SSL enabled for it on port 25, is it correct?

            LE: Sorry, I see you are using SSL for gmail, the port appears should be 465 for SSL.