Dynamic DNS

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  1. Hello,


    I would like to use a dynamic DNS like no-ip.


    This is the sequence after registration to network:







    /nic/update?hostname=telit.no-ip.info&myip= HTTP/1.0<CRLF>


    Authorization: Basic myusername:mypassword in base64<CRLF>

    User-Agent: Bobs
    Update Client WindowsXP/1.2 bob@somedomain.com


    This is the example from no-ip (http://www.no-ip.com/integrate/request) but there is no answer from the server.

    can use Telit module as webclient and display html code, but not
    possible to capture GPRS traffic then I can’t interpret the response
    from no-ip server.


    Note that no-ip works with another board with Ethernet and tcp/ip stack.


    Is anybody use it?

    Thank you.

      1. A HTTP request must be terminated with double CRLF, yours is?

        Correct, it must be for and it was not.

        There was also a problem with the socket configuration (AT#SCFG?): strange value for the needed connId.


        Now it works thank you.