DVI on GL865

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  1. Hi,

    How can I use the Digital Voice Interface on GL865? Which commands can I use?

    I already saw the Digital Voice Interface Application Note.

      1. Customer is migrating MC55i to GL865, and it works with digital audio. His product doesn’t supports analog audio.

        1. The command is AT#DVI; GL865 has only one DVI port so to enable DVI should be AT#DVI=1,1,0 or AT#DVI=1,1,1.

          1. FYI – I am now completing the code changes required to move from using the analog to the digital front end on the GE865. The reason we wanted to switch was to reduce cost by removing analog circuitry. We now play and receive digital samples over the DVI with the setting DVI=1,1,1. It works beautifully and we save a few dollars!



          2. Hello!


            I am currently trying to accomplish the same thing on a GL865 dual V3.


            I use the AT command AT#DVI=2,1,1     or AT#DVI=1,1,1


            I have tried both, but during the voicecall I only hear a clipping sound coming from microphone. Have tried everything and it does not seem to work. 

          3. Hi,


            you need just AT#DVI=1,1,1 not AT#DVI=2,1,1

            But you need also the DVIEXT to configure the DVI clock and mode to be compliant with your external acodec/hw.

            what is your complete set up and what do you use to interface with DVI port?

          4. Hello!


            It seems we managed to tackle the problem. We managed to break two separate microphones during the soldering process, but we got the third one to work. It seems that the digital MIC was not meant to be soldered with the tools that we were using. We’re looking into how we can safely solder the microphone in the future.


            Thank you for the replies!