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    Hi Cosmin,



    Hi Cosmin,


    Is there more to the method of reading GPS data using Telit python approach besides as
    illustrated in the Python Easy script manual; because i can’t
    read real time GPS data using the Telit python GPS approach.


    If i use the AT
    command approach, it (reading the GGA, RMC & GLL messages) works fine but if i use
    the python approach, it only read back but the dummy (pre-stored GGA, RMC
    & GLL  strings) stored data in the
    GPS file in Python Libs as can be seen in the attached GGA, RMC and GLL  strings screen shot.


    In other words, the GPS data presented using python approched isn’t real time.


    I’ve re-installed pythonwin but still the
    same issue.  Please advice as both
    approaches should present more or less the same GGA, RMC etc data readings.


    i can’t debug code containing GPS data via CMUX on virtual COM 4; it
    just spits out but clean up mesages and if i check on virtual COM1, it
    spits out only the GPS RMC message (i guess for some reasons that are
    obvious as per the manual ) which is not isn’t the code running on the


    Please advice.




    1. Hi Paul,


      I think the only way to test the GPS Python module on real is directly running the code in module, the PC lib being a dummy one, with limited usage maybe to test a NMEA parser or something like this.

      1. Thanks for the reply Cosmin; i see you suggested what i’ve just done.


        I did some further debugging by running the code from the module and it works as required (displays real time NMEA messages on virtual COM4) although  if i make the loop infinite (while 1), the GPS messages doesn’t output on virtual COM1and if it does output when the loop is finite (while c<5), just the first NMEA message in the code is sometimes displayed (i guess timing issues but i can live with that and i seldom will need that).


        Also the clean up messages as complained before is as a result of the finite loop reaaching completion.


        Nevertheless, thanks for the pointers.