Disable voice call????

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  1. This question is how to disable vice call.

    I create wirmwware for me MCU with support upgrade firmware over GPRS.

    I want use FTP for read data (defined file in server) and upgrade firmware in my MCU.

    But if enable FTP still can receive voice call from other cell phone and receive RING string every 5 sec if is incoming call.

    is possible to disable this incoming call???

    if receive data from ftp server I need 100% certainty that no other data receive only from file .


    how can I make it??? 

    1. No is not working like this. When a GPRS action is in course the serial link is reserved for this activity, FTP data will not be interfered by anything.

      Anyway you can barr all incoming calls see AT+CLCK  or set with AT+CGCLASS GPRS Mobile Station Class to  “CG” – class C in GPRS only mode (GPRS only.