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  1. Hi there


    searching the at-reference guide, i’ve nothing found about "disable roaming"… just event and report monitoring. 


    Is there a parameter or an option to generally disable roaming?


    Or it’s basically the way to do manually? (Event monitor and change network manually)


    Thx for help Smile

  2. Hi Simon,


    Roaming is a service which can be enabled/disabled at network operator facilities, on each specific subscriber account. What can one do at mobile equipment level is to observer registration status with AT+CREG and if in roaming (answer 5) to refuse unwanted particular services like incoming calls, do GPRS or voice stuff etc.


    At network operator level roaming can be handled in several ways, depending of what is offered, from special SMS or USSD messages (in this case you are able to do the job on mobile) to call to customer center, website facilities, visit their office shops.


    1. Cosmin, I have application that also must not connect in roaming, so I am planning to read MCC+MNC code (AT#CIMI) from SIM and use AT+COPS=1,2,mcc+mnc. Is that right?