difference between modules which are produced different places

2 thoughts on “difference between modules which are produced different places

  1. Hello;

    I am having a problem about my pr?duced devices.

    That they keep resetting. My hand made circuits are working smoothly but mass productions are not. We changed modules by hand and replaced one of ours and it began working.

    I narrowed problem that the modules has problems so problem maybe

    1- it has burnt while soldering process

    2- there are differences modules that i use and the that used in mass production. One of them says "made in italy" others says "designed in italy made in china"

    So now i am wondering if there are cdifferences between modems that produced different places.

    Thank you….

    1. Please contact Telit directly, probably you will need to send one of the faulty units to be examined by the team. See " Contact Information, Support " paragraph in any "Hardware User Guide" doc for example.