Dial tone

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  1. Hi,


    I am trying to replace analog phone line with telit modul, but the device connected checks if the line is ‘live’ by detecting dial tone (single tone 425hz).  I was wondering if there is any possibility to generate this tone using Telit modul directly or I will have to use something different…

  2. Ok thanks,

    if I understand correctly AT#TONE is for the local side only. To sent DTMF codes to the remote site only command AT+VTS can be used? If that is correct than I guess there is no way to sent some user defined tones to the remote site, or?


    1. You are correct.

      If you are running Telit module at the other side too, maybe you can use remote AT SMS or TCP to play with #TONE.

  3. Thanks. It will be running against different HW so we will just have to add something extra to generate those tones.