Debugging Python Script on GE910

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  1. Hi

    I am currently busy debugging a python script on a GE910-GNSS. The python print statements provide feedback for debugging purposes. The unit operates as expected when connected with a USB cable to a PC to monitor the debugging messages. 

    However, when the unit is not connected to a PC (via USB) the unit stops working and I have no way to debug what the problem is. Any ideas how to proceed addressing this problem?

    Any assistance will greatly be appreciated!


      1. I have access to USIF0 and not USIF1. But with my current configuration USIF0 is not available as the debug port. 

        I have made progress, at least I think so, regarding the problem. I took a previous, working script and compared it with the new script. In the new script the module functionality CFUN=5. The working script uses CFUN=1. I have now changed back to CFUN=1 which seems to be working. 

        How does the CFUN configuration influence the processing of scripting?

        1. If you enable the power saving inside the script using CFUN=5, DTR set to OFF using MDM and “sleep” function any AT  instance is no longer accessible and the module can not be woken up by external events. To enter properly in power saving, MOD.powerSaving function was created..