DE910 Verizon OTASP problem

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  1. Hi,


    I’m trying to solve this issue for couple weeks without success and will appreciate any help.

     We have around 20 Telit DE910 CDMA modems and some of them was activated and OTASP was successfull – (carrier sent OTASP 0, OTASP 1, OTASP 2…..). I tried this few more times and it works everytime perfectly.

     Suddenly, few weeks ago,  it stops working and I’m getting this result when trying re-OTASP:

    +CREG 0,1 OK, ATD*22899 OK, OTASP: 0, NO CARRIER.


     Here is module response for AT#CAI? if it helps:

    #CAI: 40,4,12718,33,425,9,6,6,6,-84,-6,0,2,0,0,0,2,0.0,0,0 

     When I initiate AT#SGACT=1,1 it works I get IP address and connection works without problem. 

     I have this problem with all Telit modems, can anybody tell, if I’m doing something wrong or problem is on Verizon side?





    1. Hi Petr,


      Can you confirm how many of the 20 DE910-DUALs were able to complete the initial OTASP provisoining process?  Now all 20 DE910-DUALs are unable to complete OTASP, is there any specific reason you are trying to re-OTASP them?  And the units that were initially OTASP’ed able still able to get an IP address from the #SGACT command?


      Are your accounts directly from Verizon?