DDNS updating while maintaining another socket listening

5 thoughts on “DDNS updating while maintaining another socket listening

  1. Greetings,


      I was wondering if it is possible to maintain two socket connections active on the same context on different TCP ports, I would like to perform a DDNS update on one socket

    while keeping another socket listening or receiving an incoming connection? 

    How could it be accomplished? Is it necessary to suspend one of the sockets for the other

    to send or receive data?


    Best Regards


    Haroldo Calvo 

    1. Of course is possible Haroldo, see Multisockets AT Commands, there are 6 socket resources that can be simultaneous used.

      1. Hi Cosmin,


          Thank you for the quick response. I have been cheking the IP_Easy user guide and

        the info there led me to believe that it was not possible, however after reading the AT multisocket command list I see that there is an option on  socket dial to perform the connection and stay on command mode, that command together with #SSEND and #SRECV would allow me to perform the DDNS update.

        Nevertheless after issuing the Socket Listen command and accepting an incoming connection the interface would enter online mode and therefore no more commands

        could be issued?

        We are usign the MDM interface in the Script that we are working on, What I would like to now is if the MDM interface would be available  after the incomming connection is accepted?



        Best Regards,


        Haroldo Calvo 

        1. Command mode is possible with listening sockets as well,  AT#SA connMode parameter.


          But if you are using Python you have another option, there are 2 MDM units that can be used, MDM1 and MDM2 which can simplify your implementation, use the second for the DDNS update.