Date/time with no or poor reception

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  1. We were planning on using the date and timestamps from GGA and RMC as the base for our system clock. Can we trust that the values in those messages are valid and up to date even when the device has very poor or no reception?

        1. Ok, 


          My suggestion if you want to be sure to have a valid data and valid time is to read this values after you have a fix.


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          1. I just tried with one of our devices and got this timestamp:


            TIME STAMP: 1397718673

            DATE (M/D/Y @ h:m:s): 04 / 17 / 14 @ 7:11:13am UTC


            This was last thursday which could make sense. It has been either turned off or being connected without an antenna indoors since then. I guess that ruins my plans for using the GPS as a clock source. We’ll figure something out 🙂


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          3. Nevertheless is good to have the answers here if people choose to use the forum, the community will appreciate the readily available answers and solutions..

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