Cyclic wake up LE50

One thought on “Cyclic wake up LE50

  1. I have a LE50-868 with Cyclic wake up period of 100mS (  Rx duration 3mS) in order to listen to incomming messages.

    This works fine.

    The STBY pin is normaly high i.e sleep mode. 

    Sometimes I want to send messages (5bytes). So I have Stand By mode R240=5.

    With this scenario the module wakes it selves up every 100ms and I wake it up sometimes.

    But after a number of transmissions I manage to freeze the module. The Tx pin stayes ON and the module does not respond to any data. 

    Can there be any collisions beetwen my toggeling of the STBY-pin the modules cyclic wake up? If I set R240=1 then there are no problems.

    I put STBY pin low. waits for 350uS.I send data. I put STBY-pin high.

    FW GC.S00.01.04-B008