Current draw from GE864 Quad V2

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  1. Hi,


    We are looking at converting from the GE864 Quad to the GE864 Quad V2.


    Our initial tests seem to indicate that the current draw (during GPRS transmission) from the V2 model is significantly higher (about two times higher) than from the non-V2 model.  So the power supply that we are using for the nonV2 is unable to support the V2.


    Is this expected?  Or can you suggest any other reason why I am seeing this behavior.




    Seamus Devitt 

    1. Hi Seamus,


      Are they on the identic support hardware?

      They are set to into the same GPRS class (AT#MSCLASS)?

      1. Hi,


        Sorry for delay in replying.  Yes, we have verified that they use identical hardware and the same GPRS class.  



        It seems that even under these circumstances, the V2 module  draws approx twice as much current as the non V2.



        1. Just to be sure, are you running the latest 10.00.xx4 firmware which is reported to give consumption figures as in Hardware User Guide?