CSQ very low

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  1. Hello,


    We used HE910 with only one antenna (no Diversity), i passed  AT#RXDIV=0,0


    Before or after the command, CSQ return 3,3


    my antenna is good for other modem like Sierra (CSQ:20,0)


    is there any command to configure antenna ?



    1. Better use AT#MONI and AT#SERVINFO for signal quality; is the HE on WCDMA and the antenna a WDCMA one, check band with AT#BND?



          1. We are not sure about the correct initialization of HE910; for adapt BND for the better RX.

            Have you some exemple of AT command sequence for a correct initialization for a TCP transmisssion, GPRS or UTRAN (depending of cell)

          2. You can switch between radio networks with AT+WS46 and use #SERVINFO, #MONI or #RFSTS to check signal level and decide.