CPIN? returns ERROR when Jammed

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  1. I wonder can anyone explain why in one unit retured from the field (GE865 FW V10.5) we observe "ERROR" returned to CPIN? after a few minutes of jamming. After power up this unit can make calls and seems ok, but after jamming it never recovers because it continually reports ERROR to CPIN? I do not see this with a couple of other units I have in the lab. I assume this is some kind of fault in the Telit unit, but there may be some other explanation. Any ideas?




  2. Hi Ciarán,


    ERROR is a bit generic. You should al least enable the extended error code with AT+CMEE=2 to get the type of error (SIM failure, SIM not inserted, SIM PIN). 


    A sequence of AT#SIMDET=0 followed by AT#SIMDET=2 could restart SIM reading. 

    1. Thanks for getting back to me. Yes, Andrea I alway have CMEE=2 set. It is one of the config commands that I always send to the modem at the start. When Jamming happens on the unit in question, I only get "ERROR".

      1. Hi Ciaran,


        I have some more questions for you:


        1) does the ERROR happen as soon as the module is jammed or after few minutes?

        2) can you confirm +CMEE is indeed 2 when +CPIN? returns ERROR and AT+CMEE=2 setting is not lost?

        The generic ERROR is normally returned because of a syntax error like AT+CPN?

        3) What does it happen removing and inserting the SIM without power cycling the module?

        As alternative you can use AT#SIMDET=0, 5s pause, AT#SIMDET=2


        I’m thinking about some EMI noise on the SIM lines.


        1. Andrea,


          Some responses to your questions

          1) The ERROR happens after a jew minutes – not instantly when jamming is first reported


          2) Yes, CMEE=2, we set this at the start and as far as I can see it doesn’t get lost. (Why would it get lost?)


          3)  We do not have a SIM holder with SIM detected. I alternate between SIMDET=0 and SIMDET=1. It can take a while but the SIM will eventually get detected. My current implementation does not have a 5s delay, I didn’t see a 5s delay mentioned in the AT datasheet. I will look into this a bit more to see if 5s helps.



          1. ERROR is normally reported because of a syntax error in the AT Command.

            I would expect to see a "SIM Failure" or "SIM not inserted" message.


            In any case to investigate further this issue I need to get some internal log of the module when jamming.

            I’m going to send you a trace tool by email.