Counter for ACTUAL sent and received bytes on the network

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  1. Hi, I’m using LE910 module in 4G network.

    I use AT#SI command to get the amount of received and sent bytes in a socket during a connection

    But it seems to report only “application” bytes (over the serial port) not over the air. It is correct?

    While protocol TCP/IP is used on the LTE network, can I know how many bytes are really sent, considering also TCP and IP headers, checksums, re-transmissions etc?

    Network operators tell me that, at their side, they count ALL the data exchanged in a connection, including TCP/IP overhead.

    So I need to know that information.

    I tried also AT+GDATAVOL but it is only for GPRS connections (as from datasheet).

    No other commands I’ve found

    Stefano Signori

    1. Hello Stefano,

      The #SI is the only command you can use to get the amount of sent/received bytes over the socket.

      1. Thank you Cosmin.

        Do you confirm that #SI command doesn’t count TCP/IP header bytes?

        Or do you know a command to get the number of TCP packets? (so I can add the header lenght for each pkt)


        1. Indeed the #SI command reports only the payload size and there is no way to count the packets. Anyway it wouldn’t be a very practical way to calculate the data traffic because the extra control, retry packets etc. One can observe an average during typical network conditions and for the exact numbers I think the MNO should be trusted, if on par and consistent with the #SI numbers.

          1. I understand.

            Just to explain the need: I’m working on a project with an italian MNO.

            So I was asked to count every byte generated (also TCP) by application side and log it to into a memory to do some test of traffic efficiency.

            I was hoping there was a way (also through debug port I mean) to get the correct values. Also because those bytes are those actually “paid” to the operator, according to their informations.


          2. There are other means (R&D debugging&logging tools) that I think can be used in such projects, please write to referring this discussion. We would like to know the outcome of this project here in forum too if possible.

          3. Thanks Cosmin,

            I’ll send the email.

            About project results we have to wait the end of the year, when the project ends.


          4. I forgot to ask this:

            the AT#GDATAVOL command works ONLY for GPRS?

            It also reports sent and receive bytes and I’m wondering if here TCP overhead is counted

            I tried to use it in LTE mode and it didn’t work,  but perhaps I could make some mistakes