Compiled Script Filesize

2 thoughts on “Compiled Script Filesize

  1. Hello,


    I have been using uncompiled scripts on a module GE865QUAD with no problem. I am trying to switch over to compiled scripts to speed up the execution, but it isn’t quite working.


    The problem I am getting is when I send a compiled script to the module, it doesn’t believe it is finished (different file size). For example:

    Script sizes from windows explorer = 617 bytes

    script.pyo = 817 bytes 


    This works fine 


    >>[send file]


    This doesn’t


    >>[send file]

    …nothing happens.


    I was able to "exit" this by sending another file that is large enough to hit the 817 bytes mark. This made me think that the .pyo script is smaller than 817. Through some trial and error I got the following to work:


    >>[send file]


    But  when I set this to active and run AT#EXECSCR, nothing happens. 


    I am using the GE865QUAD module running 10.00.002. I am using Tera Term to send AT commands and files with the settings:Transmit: CR+LF, Baud 115200, Data 8-bit, Parity None, Stop 1-bit, and Flow Control Hardware. 


    Any ideas?