CMUX virtual ports

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  1. Hi Cosmin,


    From the manuals relating to CMUX; if i understand it correctly; in summary CMUX simply transforms a single physcial COM port to 4 virtual COM ports (which can be assigned any virtual COM port number); which the first 3 virtual ports can be used as normal COM ports and the last one (COM 4) is for debug only which in essense display info (texts) sent from script having SER command running on the module.


    But i’ve realiazed that only the middle virtual COM ports (2 and 3) can be used as normal COM ports; because virtual COM port 1 irrespective of the virtual COM port # assigned to it, seems to be reserved to only display normal "print statements" and does nothing else or does this only happens iff there are prints statements in the script?


    Also there is always an 8 infront the printed text from vcirtual COM1; how do i get rid of the 8?


    Also, there is always a 1 infront the displayed debug text (from COM4); how do i get rid of the 1? Also the text printed from the debug port are successively displayed in a diagonal pattern and the first printed text is always misaligned from the rest; can i ensure they’re printed directly underneath each other by adding CR and LF in the end, if not what must i do?


    I believe the 8 and 1 codes are comfrimmation or acknowlegments code of the received string but how do i make them non-printable characters.