CMUX frame length

3 thoughts on “CMUX frame length

  1. In the CMUX user guide, there is a note about the length indicator on page 12, which states that octet 2 is never used, because the maximum length used by the telit implementation is 128..


    This is ambiguous, since it could mean either that:


    1) CMUX client on the Telit module can never handle being sent packets larger than 128 bytes,




    2) The CMUX client on the Telit module will only produce packets of upto 128 bytes in length, but can accept longer packets from the peer end CMUX.



    This is important, since if it is the first one, we would have to fragment our packets in order to use CMUX, which may make it unviable for our application.



    1. The frame structure is the same for both directions, so that is, 128 bytes. Are yor timings that critical you cannot split data then reassemble?