CMUX for Linux

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    1. GE863-PRO³ implements the GSM 7.10 multiplexing protocol that enables
      one serial interface to transmit data to different customer
      applications. Cmux protocol can be enabled by starting cmuxt daemon once
      the modem has been turned on (see


       You need to obtain GE863-PRO3Linux distri sources and extract the driver from there.


       How do I get new firmware, tools and documentation files from Telit?

      1. I’m specifically looking for the linux pc interface for telit CMUX. Does Telit provide a tool such as the windows application Telit Serial Port Mux for linux? Are there any other tools for linux that we might be able to use for this purpose?

        1. I’m afraid there isn’t a ready made application like the one for Windows, due to the many Linux flavors would be an intensive job in itself to maintain, well outside Telit’s domain. Instead one must take the sources and compile for their OS, and the result will be a very convenient CMUX driver, much easier to use than the Windows multiplexer tool.