3 thoughts on “CMUX and SCFG

  1. Hi,

    I have a problem with the SCFG command, if I use it before entering CMUX mode (AT#SCFG=2,1,512,90,300,1 r n) I have no problem and GL865 DUAL returned "rnOKrn".

    if I run the command after entering the CMUX mode I get no response.
    Everything works fine (in CMUX mode) if I use AT#SCFG=2,1,512,90,300,100rn.

    Please have you an idea….

    thank you

    my module  GL 865 DUAL

    firmware : "rn10.00.154rnrnOKrn"

      1. Ok, thank you, i will try tomorrow to correct all command.

        But my application use rn in all command, and I have problem only with SCFG.

        I hope this is the right way.