CFUN modes

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  1. What is differnce in power consumption in CFIN modes 0,5,7 and 9?

    I need to have module registered to network and responding to voice call and SMS but taking as less power.

        1. Depending on your application requirements looks like +CFUN=0 or 5 are the best. Software User Guide has a good description of power saving modes in a dedicated chapter.

          1. I am using CFUN=0 from Python  – MOD.powerSaving(…).

            And I am wondering what is difference between 0, 5, 7 and 9.

          2. I indicated where to look, for values and for behavior differences. Mode 7 being with not commanded sleep cycles, come on power more frequently so will have higher consumption. 0 with 9 is the same with different wake-up events.

            So: 0,5,9 the same minimal consumption, different behavior.

          3. Bruno Duarte’s posts moved here:


            Product specific > GE/GC864/865-QUAD/PY > Power Consumption on GE865

  2. I’m using GE863-GPS and python. I’m not using MOD.powerSaving(). Module DTR pin is left unconnected (no pullup or pulldown) and I’m not using MDM.setDTR() or MDM2.setDTR().
    There is any difference in power consumption between CFUN=1 and CFUN=5?  
    1. Of course, CFUN=1 is normal full functionality mode while CFUN=5 is power saving mode. If you are not using DTR to put the module in power saving mode there is no reason to use this mode, module stays as in CFUN=1.