#CFF: 0,””

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  1. I’ve found this output( #CFF: 0,"") after switch ON a GE864-GPS fw ..115.

    Please could you explain me what’s the meaning about.

    Thank you very much

    1. Hi Michael, please write the exact firmware version and when and how this string was output, and if was a single occurrence or is reproducible.

      1. I have noticed the same thing…

        I have modul GE865 with FW 10.00.005. I believe it was not sending this string in the version 10.00.002.

        In my application I receive this string  after first time I issue AT+CREG?. Every other AT+CREG? request gives only expected response. And this happens every time after modem startup and complete reinitialization.


        Actual output:





        +CREG: 0,2




        #CFF: 0,""