CE910 -SC data receiveing issue in online mode

2 thoughts on “CE910 -SC data receiveing issue in online mode

  1. Dear Sir,


    We are using CE910-SC module in our design. We have configure CE910-SC in online mode.

    Below are the issu, which we are facing:-

    1- Our comunication is a four step process :-

    First we send fix data packet to check server, then server sent back a fix data packet in reply. After verifying the packet we send our data to the server. Now server verify our data and reply with a ‘Y’ if the data is correct or ‘N’ if the data is corrupted. 

    we are not able to get this last Y or N everytime.The failure rate is arround 50 percent.


    2- We want to communicate with CE910-SC module using only Rx, Tx and ground pin. So please advise any command set to use CE910 module in this manner.



    Diwakar Singh









  2. 1. Is it TCP or UDP communication? Other higher level protocol? Not enough buffers in application side? Application software carefully  checked (try to step over a previous step)?


     2. AT&K but if you are handling sensible data or in volume hardware flow control is to be desired.


    Please post in the appropriate section.