CE910 Dual becomes unresponsive over main serial port

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  1. I’ve got several CE-910 DUALs that become unresponsive after ~1minute of power on time.  I’m able to sent and receive AT commands briefly, but then the module appears to stop responding.  Power cycling the OS and modem brings the connection back up briefly.  Doing a “hardware shutdown” does not bring the device back up, but I haven’t tried a “hardware reset”.  I don’t see any error messages in Linux.

    I’m communicating with them via Linux (OpenWRT).  Any help would be appreciated.

    Here’s the output I got while it was available.

    #MODEM: 5779147602,9133156226,4.08,39,20151023100858FRI,000000,00000000000,0,SCAUTHZ1230,CE910-DUAL,Aeris1141   ,0,20113,0

    #CAI: 4174,245,42546,0,575,216,6,6,6,-57,-4,0,2,0,0,0,2,0,0,1


    1. Hi Ben,


      Can you provide me with more information regarding this issue? From your description, it sounds like you’re setting up a PPP connection over the same port. Can you confirm? In which case, the port will be occupied by the PPP connection and you will not be able to send AT over the same port. Instead, you will have to use a different port to send AT. Do you also have USB access to the module? Can you send AT over USB?