CE910 Context Activation fails after completing OTASP

3 thoughts on “CE910 Context Activation fails after completing OTASP

  1. I’m using a CE910 modem with firmware 18.01.022 on Verizons network.

    Part of our application logic is to attempt over the air provisioning on first boot. We issue the ATD*22899; command and wait for the “#OTASP: 2” response indicating success.

    1 second later we issue the Context Activation command: “AT#SGACT=1,1”

    This command immediately fails with the “ERROR” response

    When I start our application without attempting to provision, the Context Activation command succeeds.

    Is this normal? Is there a minimum amount of time we need to wait after provisioning success before attempting to activate context?

    1. Hello Scott,

      When you are doing OTASP you need to wait for the “NO CARRIER” after “OTASP: 2”.  At this point the modem will then do a soft reboot.  Once the unit is back up and running and you have confirmed you are registered to the network you can then issue the AT#SGACT=1,1.

      NOTE – Just to make sure I also understand correctly that you are NOT issuing ATD*22899; on every single boot as this NOT recommended.


      Nick Tart
      FAE – Telit

      1. Thank you for the clarification on what happens after provisioning. I suspected that the modem was doing something internally since we see a break on the UART and then the usual URCs we see on boot up. We will wait for the NO CARRIER response and boot up before attempting to activate context.

        Verizon told us that there is no downside to repeated provisioning attempts, which I wasn’t sure was accurate. Our intent is to only attempt provisioning the very first time the unit is powered on.