Can’t dial with HE910-EUG

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  1. I need some help because my HE910-EUG always say NO CARRIER after attempting to dial a valid number like ATD+611234567890;. I know the SIM works because I tested it again in a handset and I have confirmed that the module is registered with the network using the AT+COPS? command. Is the HE910-EUG capable of making calls ?

    1. Yes the EUG can do voice calls.

      Make sure you end the ATD command with r only and no other character is following; check AT#MONI for registration, signal; try switching to GSM and UMTS.

  2. I cannot make get my he910-eug to dial no matter what I try. I always get the no carrier response. On the other hand it connects to the Internet fine. I am reading that there is a V2 EUG and so I’m wondering if the V1 versions doesn’t have voice or dial capability and maybe I have a V1 module.


    I have tried multiple SIMs from multiple carriers and all with the same response. All the SIMs are able to dial a number fine in an old Nokia handset.


    Help ! 

  3. And another thing is that if I make a call to the HE910-EUG it rings and the module show the RING string but when I enter ATA to answer the call it returns the ERROR message.

  4. I apologize for the wrong information:


    As reported in the Prod desc EUG doesn’t support voice calls (MO and MT). This is the reason of the issue.
    HE910-G, HE910-EUR must be used to have voice support.