Cannot Execute “RSCRIPT” command from custom app

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  1. Greetings,


      While working with the GC864V2 modem we have found the need to read back some of

    the files that were downloaded to the modem, we are having an issue with RSCRIPT when we run it from a Windows App we are developing (we only receive one ">" and nothing else afterwards), but when we use the hyperterminal we get the file without any problems, this is quite strange since the rest of the commands work just fine from our windows App.  Any ideas what might be the cause of this problem? The main difference is that with hyper terminal the characters are sent one by one.


    Best Regards,


    Haroldo Calvo 

      1. Maybe is the hardware flow control?

        Hi Cosmin,


        Thanks for the quick response 


         It might be but there are other commands that have long answers and we haven´t seen

        this issue, is there any control line that should be kept steady during reception of the data

        in this command? 


        Best Regards,


        Haroldo Calvo

        1. Cosmin 


          To be more precise, the response of the modem when we execute RSCRIPT

          from our windows app is:


            – a period of time of about 30 seconds with no response

            -the "<<<" characters followed by "ERROR"


          Shouldn´t it return an error code right away without the "<<< " characters??


          Best Regards,


          Haroldo Calvo 

  2. Please do the tests with hardware flow control enabled and all required lines connected (RTS/CTS) which I believe are OK since Hyperterms is doing well.

    1. Hi Cosmin,


        You are correct, the problem was as a matter of fact the flow control.

      In our implementation the modem is connected to the PC thru a USB-Serial converter

      and the hyperterminal app took care of setting the handshake signals, but our app did not.


      So after setting the flow control to Hardware-mono directional (CTS) with

      "ATQ 2" and "AT& 1" we were able to obtain the file we were trying to read.


      This is not necesary for most of the other commands as per our experience, only in RSCRIPT are flow control signals important.


      Best Regards,


      Haroldo Calvo