Can V_AUX / PWRMON pin on the GL865-quad power a micro controller ?

7 thoughts on “Can V_AUX / PWRMON pin on the GL865-quad power a micro controller ?

  1. Hello,


    I was wondering if the V_AUX / PWRMON could be used as the power supply to the micro controller that will send the AT commands to the GL865-quad?


    The hardware guide says that the pin will output 2.8V@100mA (the uC needs only 15uA)


    Is this feasable or is there a restriction of some kind?


    Thank you 


  2. The unit will only needs to to send,  once a day,  a "i’m still alive" tpc/ip message to our cloud server.


    And since the whole point of the unit is to send that "i´m still alice" signal to the cloud, if the GL865 is not running, the uC has noting else to do. 


    Any thing that in you experince I shoul put extra care on?

  3. Actualy, this is what I was thinking.


    The unit is pluged into A 120av to 3.8DC power supply.


    So, when the unit is powerd on for the first time (or do to a power out) the GL865 will undergo its usual power up. Then, when ready it will pull up the PWRMON pin. This will turn on the mC, which will then start the AT commands, check that the modul is conectet to the net, etc.


    The unit will not power down. It will be doing some basic sensoring and one a day, sending a report via the modul (this is where it will conect to the network) desconet etc.


    Does my logic hold water? or am i missing someting?


    Thank you!!