Can not connect TinyTools to my TinyOnePro demoboard

One thought on “Can not connect TinyTools to my TinyOnePro demoboard

  1. Hi Telit


    I am using the TinyOne Pro 868 Mhz Mesh Democase. 

    I have followed the instructions in the TinyTools manual, trying to connect the demoboards to my PC via an RS232 cable (those supplied in the democase).


    After having connected the demoboard and PC, turned on the demoboard. I start TinyTools.

    In the initial window where the COM settings are selected, it says "No device connected" when i press the "detection" button. I have also tryed to let it find the COM automatically, but this also dont work. 


    The COM port used is COM1, and I know this works in other applications.

    The TinyTools version i have  is v.1.01E.

    I have tried to connect to all the demoboards in the case, but get the samme error.


    What could be wrong?