Can I connect 4 antennas like the one supplied with the Telit EVB to my PCB ?

2 thoughts on “Can I connect 4 antennas like the one supplied with the Telit EVB to my PCB ?

  1. Hello,


    My PCB has 4 GC864-PY modules with 4 SMA connectors for antenna connection.


    I have tested my PCB by initiating 3 concurrent voice calls to different celcos on 3 of the GC864-PY modules on the PCB. I connected a GSM antenna to the each of the SMA connector of the GC864-PY on the PCB. The 3 antennas were placed next to each other, 1-2cm apart. I am using digital voice interface, audio quality was good on all 3 GC864-PY.

    Are there any issues like safety and interference etc that I should be aware of if I have 4 antennas connected to my PCB and the antennas are grouped together but 5-10cm apart each other ?

    Thanks, Mr. YH Loke


    1. Hi Mr Yoonhe,


      usually keeping module’s antenna so closed is not a good solution.

      There are limitation due to possible interference between the antennas.

      It is surprising you can make a good call with 3 antenna so close together (1-2 cm).

      Usually 10cm is a sort of "minimun suggested".

      Anyway the problem is not related to the distance but to coupling between each antenna, that should be at least 30dB (you can also think to work at lower level but under 20dB it became very difficult  ).

      So maybe can help to keep the antenna not parallel or anyway use different plane or direction of polarization to avoid mutual coupling.