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  1. Hi all.
    I today start test +CALA command but have problem to correct define parameter.

    standard command  AT+CALA? or AT+CALA=? work but if send this command what I read from documentation then return error.


    +CME ERROR: unknown

    I just power UP gsm module wait for register to then network , sim card is accessible  .

    and of course I set actual time  and RTCSTAT define 0
    what is correct setting parameter???


    firmware version is 10.00. 004 GE865 quad

        1. Please post here a real current conversation log, for the other problem post in the appropriate place, thanks.


          BTW, do want to set an alarm back in time?

  2. yes , I need to know how to correct set parameter for CALA command .

    I try set time in feature bit still show same error. doesn’t mater  what time I set. still show error. 
    and yes I want set alarm back in time. only  CALA register is possible to use communicate between internal python script and my application (external mcu).

    I want use CALA parameter for send message and read answer from to internal python script.

    but don’t work.

    I set actual time and set CALA for future but don’t work.

    try it pls

    I now try different GSM module GE863-GPS in EVKit2 

    I try it FV: 07.03.702

    I set time to actual time and then try set CALA argument , but still show error.




    1. It works exactly as in AT Commands Reference Guide:







      Set alarm



      Check also +CSDF for date format.

  3. OK your command work , now send example how to set any text as parameter and then I want it read.


    I have it :

    AT+CALA="99/01/01,00:00:00+00",0,2,"test text","",0 

    1. The eternal advice and ask, in the same time – read the docs! In this case, Telit Modules Software User Guide, paragraph 3.9.5. Clock and Alarm Functions, examples are there.