4 thoughts on “CALA

  1. Hi
    I’m using GE863-GPS with python script, without external uP.
    My device should be permanently on, but sometimes I need to use AT#SHDN and AT+CALA with type = 1. For me this two things mutually exclusive, becouse to use first I can connect ON/OFF pin permanently to GND, so after AT#SHDN device will be again turned on.
    There is any way to use CALA and auto ON?
    1. Maybe with an external bistable circuit to handle ON/OFF pin, driven by a GPIO?

    2.  If you permanently tie on/off to GND it will be in a constant state of reboot so that wont work. AT+CALA sets up an alarm so you can preset the time it wakes up. So you should set the alarm, shut the module down, the it will wake itself up at the specified time. So set the CALA and then shut the module down, it will wake up again as specified.