By HTTPS send data to Google spreadsheet..

4 thoughts on “By HTTPS send data to Google spreadsheet..

  1. Hi all.

    I have qestion if is possible to send from GL865-DUAL data to Google spreadsheet . This is used HTTPS metoth.

    If I call this in my web browser then store data to sheet .. :

    This to my sheet store value 74 ..
    and in this link you can see this sheet ..

    How to do it ??? 


    Best regards.

    1. As already suggested, use HTTP client AT commands with your URI in the <request> field of HTTPQRY command (3.4.5 chapter in Telit IP Easy User Guide):

      … insert SSL handling here …



        1. Have you looked into the doc? And for SSL/TLS there is Telit SSL TLS User Guide, and some discussions in this forum.